At my daycare you will find different stations/areas focusing on Social/emotional development, Physical development, Cognitive and Language development.

 The dramatic play center helps children‘s healthy development and learning during the preschool years.
 Children use their social/emotional development by acting out roles such as doctors, chefs, etc…
•    Children use their cognitive development when they set the table or prepare a meal.

BLOCK AREA                          
Blocks invite children to open-ended explorations.
•    In the block area children learn to socialize by taking turns.
•    Children also develop their small muscles when they carry and carefully place blocks together. The child also improves eye-hand coordination.

MUSIC & MOVEMENT                
In this center we involve children in listening activities through music and finger plays.
•    Children learn to expand their vocabulary and language as we introduce new words.
•    Children learn to strengthen their phonological awareness by singing songs.

SCIENCE STATION             
Preschool children learn about science by exploring the world around them.
•    Children learn about physical science, life science & earth and the environment.
•    Children get curious, they ask questions, they experiment and manipulate a variety of materials.

The library is located in a quite area, away from traffic.
•    Children can sit comfortable to look at books or play with a stuff animal.
•    A table and chair is set up for writing and coloring

MATH AREA                               
Through out the day children use multiple opportunities to build competence in math.
•    They learn number concepts
•    Patterns and relationships
•    Geometry and spatial sense
•    Measurement
•    Data collection, organization and representation

In this area children learn
to use their fine-motor development by grasping, holding, reaching and turning.
 OUTDOOR PLAY                      
Children use their entire body or large parts of the body while they run, ride a bicycle or kick a ball.  As well they use their fine motor skills while playing with Tonka toys.
ART STATION                          
Children use their cognitive development while they create art.  They also express their emotions.